Today Sunday, 7th July 2024
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PAs Job Openings

Four to six outstanding postdocs or Ph.D. students needed for immediate support of Protocell Assembly at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA.

The newly formed Protocell Assembly team at Los Alamos has four to six openings for protectoral or Ph.D. thesis work.  The research activities are composed of a set of integrated experimental, computational, and theoretical tasks all aimed at developing a minimal self-reproducing nano-machine.  We are looking for exceptional people with deep domain expertise and a keen interest in interdisciplinary work. Availability for frequent (international) travel is required because the Los Alamos protocell work is closely coordinated with a number of external US and European research organizations and universities.

For an immediate start we seek postdocs and/or graduate research (Ph.D.) students for three-year positions:

  • Two or three experimental chemists with expertise and interest in organic synthesis, self-assembly, and photo- or redox chemistry.
  • Two or three physicists or theoretical chemists with expertise and interest in dissipative particle dynamics, lattice gas simulations, molecular dynamics, and/or chemical thermodynamics and kinetics.

Please send resumes, three letters of recommendation, university transcripts, and a short statement of why you are interested in participating in this project. The positions will be filled as soon as we have four to six outstanding candidates.